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The Blue Glass Vase

Glass vase from Pompeii, by J.R. Robbins The Royal Society website It was the first time Henry visited George’s house. They had been out together countless times, but George had never invited him over his place before. It wasn’t in any way a big deal, but Henry was curious to see his friend’s house. In the way we think we can understand people better when we look at the things they are surrounded by every day. He knocked at the door and realised it was open already. He entered and followed the light and warmth, leading him to the room at the end of the corridor. There, he entered an old fashioned studio. The flames in the fireplace made it feel cozy. George was sitting in an armchair, his back to the door, reading a book. He didn’t even move when Henry entered the room. Henry grinned. Why George had always to be such a poser, he asked himself. He was sure George had arranged the scene just to impress him, pretending to be all engrossed in his readings. Something weird, no

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